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Meet our partners!
Mint Care Repairs & alterations and Mint Care Wash & refresh are done in collaboration with carefully handpicked experts <3

Do you need help with alterations?
Don’t want to spend hours doing laundry?
We got your back! The tailors are ready.
They fix. They change. They
make things fit again. No time to wash?
Let us bring in our gentle cleaners, ironers
and folding professionals. 
Washaway and Laundrop are our service
partners for everything that needs
mending, updating, washing or refreshing.

Our service
partners <3

With Swedish innovators Washaway,
we are proud to offer a modern
way of laundry and tailoring. Their
washers and tailors are true experts. 

Shirts, blouses, tees, sheets, pillowcases,
duvet covers and whatnot — they’re
practically capable of making anything
feel and look as good as new. 

Starting as experts within laundry
services, they now also do repairs and
alterations. Delicate dresses,
worn denim and sturdy boots — their
tailors will take care of it. 
We partnered up with Laundrop. Why?
Because they are convenient, modern and more
sustainable than most. Laundrop are here
to revolutionize and digitalize the laundry and
tailoring service industry. Their washers
and tailors are true experts, especially within
household laundry. 

Do you think fresh laundry or repaired clothes
delivered straight to your door sounds
convenient? Are you in a hurry? No worries.
We will pick up your clothing, Laundrop will
wash or mend, and deliver them whole
and clean. With Laundrop we aim to simplify
your everyday life. 
wash <3

Both our partners Washaway and
Laundrop pours only eco-labeled detergents
and dry cleaning solvents into their
machines, which are super effective. They
are two of few in the industry
whose dry clean is free from the
environmentally and health-hazardous
dry cleaner called Perchlorethylene.
They enable substantial energy
savings compared to washing at home. 

Welcome to a more conscious
way of washing. 
Mint Care
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us :)

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