Mint Care is a new fashion care initiative within the H&M Group. We offer inspiration and services that make fashion last longer. Together, brands and customers can create a world where people care more and waste less. Mint Care was founded in 2020. 

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What is Mint Care?

We are a new fashion care initiative within the H&M Group. We offer inspiration, services and soon an own care product assortment that make fashion last longer. We offer digital repairs and refresh services through an application included in the new released Monki app in Sweden.

What does M.IN.T. CARE stand for?

More INspiration To Care.

Who is behind the Mint Care initiative? Tell us about the team!

We are a small group of dedicated people at H&M Group developing and managing this initiative. We share a deep commitment to help our customers live a sustainable fashion life and make it super convenient to do so!

Who is responsible?

H&M Sustainability is leading this initiative at H&M Group. Monki is responsible for activations connected to the Monki app.

Where are you based, and where are your services available?

We are based in Stockholm. At the moment all our repair & alterations services are available in Sweden, and the wash & care services are only available in Stockholm. And the inspiration is available for everyone, it’s only you who sets the limits, so start to create and act!

Who do you work with today?

We are launching the Mint Care services and inspiration in the newly released Monki App in Sweden.

How do you ensure the quality of the service providers/suppliers that you work with?

In close collaboration, we have chosen them carefully and work closely with them to achieve sustainability and quality in what we do.

Mint Care is so far only available in Sweden. What are the plans going forward?

We work in an iterative and agile way where we test, improve and scale our offering together with our connected service providers, brands and customers. As we are still in an early phase we look forward to telling you more soon.

Is it really more sustainable to transport a pair of denim to have them mended or repaired instead of buying a new pair?

The important thing is to make sure garments can be used as long as possible. Over 80% of a garment’s Co2 emissions comes from the production process*. Some research says that if we, instead of buying new fashion, use what we already have twice as long we basically reduce the climactic impact by halve**.

*Textilsmart (Rise) **On a Swedish national level, the climate impact reduction is 49% if each garment is used twice as long according to study by Sandin et al., 2019.

You claim that prolonging the life of a garment will significantly reduce the environmental/climate impact. How?

For example, in Sweden, if each garment is used twice as long, the climate impact would be decreased by almost 50%*.

*On the Swedish national level, the climate impact reduction is 49% if each garment is used twice as long according to study by Sandin et al., 2019.

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